Extreme Wanderlust 2017

Extreme Wanderlust is a journey through Sweden. An adventure which Simona always dreamt about but never realised. Her mission is to travel through the country by using only her body as the source of energy to be able to experience Swedish nature and beauty from a slightly different angle than one would normally do. She will hike the mountains, bike, and paddle kayak to experience Sweden from inside out.

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Giftorm #77

Giftorm #77 | Carl Mårtensson riding on a wall in the sunset.

Landet runt med Bygma

Trailer | Landet Runt Med Bygma
A short case film I have been working on together with VisuellPR & Shortcut Media.

View full length movie here.

Giftorm #75

Giftorm #75 | David Jakinda, Caveman Nosegrind Tailgrab

POC | Avip Collection

POC | Avip Collection 2016

Client | POCsports Sweden Photo & Retouch | Nicklas Höglund


Camera crew selfie from a reality show gig the other day | Stjärnhoppningen, SVT, Eskilstuna

Client | Barnkanalen, SVT Production & Edit | Short Cut Media

Interviews | Tillväxtverket

I had the pleasure of doing interviews at the Interreg. Conference last week at the beautiful Crowne Plaza in Copenhagen.

Client | Tillväxtverket Production & Edit | Short Cut Media Group

Tillväxtverket | Short Cut Media

Working on assignment with Shortcut Media, as camera-operator, filming a webisode for the governmental agency, Tillväxtverket.

Skidprodukter från Kina |

Client: Tillväxtverket/ Production & Edit: Short Cut Media Group

Marcus Malmborg

Marcus Malmborg | Eidos Napoli

Giftorm #74

Cover Shot | Giftorm Magazine #74

Together with Elias Mensi and his outstanding Heel flip, I managed to snatch yet another cover on Giftorm Skatboard Magazine.

Poc Avip Collection

POC | Avip Collection 2016

Client: POCsports Sweden Photo & Retouch: Nicklas Höglund

Vincent Boman Interview

Ten page interview in Giftorm Skateboard Magazine #73 with Stockholm street skater Vincent Boman, portrait + action photos by me, words by Chief Editor Nicke Svensson.

Poc Raceday Collection

Lifestyle imagery for the Raceday Collection from POC.

Client: POCsports Sweden Photo & Retouch: Nicklas Höglund

Cover – Giftorm #73

The new issue of Giftorm coming in hot! Extra thick! So stoked to score the cover | Vincent Boman staring down the abyss.


Cooper Wilt | Crooks in Hammarby Sjöstad

Detail image / POC goggles – Lid

The Lid goggle, detail image for POC sports.

Client: POCsports Sweden Photo & Retouch: Nicklas Höglund

Wood works, Rope chair, by JB

Helping my friend, furniture designer, and fine carpenter, Jonas Berglund, to showcase his latest work.

Glove Blown Apart – POC

Client: POCsports Sweden Photo & Retouch: Nicklas Höglund

Servant Footwear – Print Ad

Balder Lehmann lofting some air in Hamburg, Print ad, Servant Footwear, 2015

Winter Landscape – Still Life

Still Life, a Winter Landscape made of POC products.

Client: POCsports Sweden Photo & Retouch: Nicklas Höglund

POC Workbooks & Catalouges 16-17

Image production for POC, Workbooks & Catalouges 16-17

Client: POCsports Sweden 3D: Samuel Axelsson Photography & Retouch: Nicklas Höglund

Confusion Magazine #12

5 page article, including centerfold, in the International Skateboard Magazine; Confusion, about the infamous RCS DIY skate park in Stockholm, Sweden.

Client: Confusion Magazine Article & Photography: Nicklas Höglund

Essense & Co by Oriflame

Together with my dear friend and colleauge, Samuel Axelsson, we got the oppurtunity to design, create & develop artwork-, graphical- and industrial design for an exclusive line of body & lotion with the swedish cosmetic company Oriflame.

Client: Oriflame Sweden Photo: Nicklas Höglund Artwork & Design: Nicklas Höglund /Samuel Axelsson

GiftormXGrizzly Article Opener

Article opener for the Giftorm X Grizzly Special, Kalle Mårtensson, Crooks Fakie,  in the Swedish Skateboard Magazine Giftorm #69