Under a bridge

Under a bridge, Solna, February 2017

Construction Rush Hour

Construction Rush Hour, Mall of Scandinavia, 3 weeks til Grand Opening, Arenastaden 2015

Voyagers in flux

Voyagers in flux, Charles Bridge, Prauge 2010

A social boatrip

A social boat trip, Norway, 2015

Vatican Waiting Hall

Vatican Waiting Hall, Italy 2014.

The Midsummer Party

The party, Midsummer, 2012.

Winter at Slussen

Winter at Slussen, Stockholm 2012

The wedding act

The wedding act, Canon 50mm,  August 2o13, Moravia, Czech Republic

Winter Light

Winter Light, Råsunda, Sweden 2012, Nicklas Höglund

Back Alley Smoking

Back Alley Smoking. Liberec, Czech Republic 2012

Paris 2010

Paris 2010