Private Work


Dennis | An ever ongoing project, 2017, Solna

Under a bridge

Under a bridge, Solna, February 2017


Autumness | Still Life 2016


Martin | Canon 1,4

Pre Season Training

Pre Season Training with Simona Hrstkova, Sweden, 2016.

Construction Rush Hour

Construction Rush Hour, Mall of Scandinavia, 3 weeks til Grand Opening, Arenastaden 2015

Voyagers in flux

Voyagers in flux, Charles Bridge, Prauge 2010

A social boatrip

A social boat trip, Norway, 2015

Vatican Waiting Hall

Vatican Waiting Hall, Italy 2014.

Borderlands 2014

The guardians of the realm, Borderlands, 2014

The Midsummer Party

The party, Midsummer, 2012.

Pressena Glacier, Italy 2014

Pressena Glacier Panorama, January 2014, Passo Tonale, Italy

Snowmobile surfing 2008 #TBT

Powder surfing with the snowmobile, December 2008, Häggsjön, Sweden

December Heron

Heron caught in mid-flight. Last light of the day. Canon 200mm, Solna 2014, Sweden

Cast fishing in Gålö

Cast fishing in the Sunset, June 2014, Gålö, Sweden

Postnord Headquarters

The Ark, Postnord Headquarters, by night, Canon 35mm, Solna 2014, Sweden

Flat Iron Building

Flat Iron Bulding, Canon 35mm,  Februari 2o14, Stockholm, Sweden

Cumulus fractus

Cumulus fractus, Canon 20mm,  September 2o13, Norrtälje, Sweden

The wedding act

The wedding act, Canon 50mm,  August 2o13, Moravia, Czech Republic

Winter Light

Winter Light, Råsunda, Sweden 2012, Nicklas Höglund

Festival Still Lifes

Still Life I,  L.U.S.A Space Fest 2012

“Festivals, of many types, serve to meet specific needs, as well as to provide entertainment. These times of celebration offer a sense of belonging for religious, social, or geographical groups. Modern festivals that focus on cultural or ethnic topics seek to inform members of their traditions.” – Etymology of “feast”,

L.U.S.A Spacefest!

L.U.S.A Spacefest, Sundsvall, Sweden 2012.

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Momentum I, 2012  (Series in Progress)

Plural momenta or momentums
A vector quantity that expresses the relation of the velocity of a body, wave, field, or other physical system, to its energy.

Slam it.

Got game? Czech Republic 2012  Pentacon Six TL, 80mm/2.8, Kodak Porta 160